>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections
Story of IanUnited States / Short Film /
17 minutes / English
Director: Filip K. Kasperaszek
Producer: Solomon Chertok

Ian is a not-so-recent graduate of a Photography department at one of the prestigious American Universities. Currently he is struggling with his sense of meaninglessness. Charles, Ian`s friend is a radio DJ. He’s content. Mia, Ian`s girlfriend started working for her father`s company as soon as she graduated. She is successful. Ted moved to LA, Steve want to give him money, Carlo can exhibit his photographs and Anne is trying to seduce him.

Filip Kasperaszek was born and raised in Poland, then lived in UK, France and US. He graduated from Polish National Filmschool with a degree in Film Editing. His editing credits include many documentary and fiction titles including films that went to the major festivals around the Globe (SXSW, Palm Springs, Oberhausen, to name a few).MFA candidate at Columbia University Film Program. So far, Filip has directed four short films in United States.


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