Ancestral Delicatessen 3Spain / Short Film / 15 minutes / Spanish w/Subtitles
Director:  Gabriel Folgado
Producer:  Gabriel Folgado

“All that exists is made of time, from the galaxies to chestnuts; only the rhythm changes” – José María Merino.  Families living in the region of El Bierzo Spain still maintain many aspects of their traditional way of life, especially those related to their work on the land and their relationship with Nature.  Despite an increasing use of machinery, some of these tasks are still carried out as they always have been, keeping their ancestral essence alive. Such is the case of the harvesting of chestnuts.  ‘ ‘Marrons glacés’, made from chestnuts, are one of the most famous confectionery products of France.

Festival De Cortos Zinexin De La Roda (Spain)  — Premio Zinexin Al Mejor Cortometraje — Zinexin Award For The Best Short Film — Certamen Internacional De Cortometrajes “Roberto Di Chiara” Florencio Varela (Argentina) — Mejor Cortometraje Documental Best Short Documentary

GABRIEL FOLGADO (Albares de la Ribera, Spain,1970) He has a degree in cinema from the University of Leon. In 2004 he directed his first short film “Vilapicardo” followed by “La embajada toscana” in 2005. He has also spent time teaching at León University. His first documentary ”Interior landscapes” has been shortlisted and awarded in over 30 worldwide film festivals. Amongst others, it received seven nominations in the 2011 Goya Awards and the prestigious “Golden Botillo” prize. “Ancestral delicatessen” is the second documentary he has directed with Catoute Films, his production company.


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