>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections
bioterror conspiracyUnited States / Screenplay
Written By:  Louis C. Lio, M.D.

Bioterror Conspiracy is a sexy action thriller intended for a wide audience.   A beautiful Navy SEAL is sent to stop a Navy Officer from making a deadly biological weapon.  Sex, murder, and espionage mix with science, history and politics, in an odyssey with symbolism and trivia, a touch of humor, and a noble dream.  Years after 9/11 and 50 years after the Bay of Pigs Invasion, there is specter of another Cuban Missile Crisis, only this time it’s biological instead of nuclear. The story is fiction, but everything else, including the science, medicine, Navy operations, history and politics, is real.

Native New Yorker and lifelong NY Yankees Fan, Dr Louis C Lio attended Brooklyn Tech High School and UCSF Medical School and now calls Long Island home. He first became fascinated with the Navy when he was seven, when a teenage friend showed him his collection of model aircraft carriers and battle ships. He has toured many Navy bases and ships, talked to many sailors, and played countless Navy war games in his head using the latest weapons.


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