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clive ungerUnited States / Short Film /
16 minutes / English

Director:  Brian DeCicco
Producer:  Solomon Chertok and Brian DeCicco

On a visit to local art museum, Clive Unger, a failing artist/sculptor, is drawn to Jacob Van Walscappelle’s Vase of Flowers.  From afar this painting exhibits lavish, vibrant flowers in a vase.  But up close, it shows an unsightly view of decaying flowers infested with bugs and flies.  This ambiguous facade strikingly parallels with Clive himself.  No one, not even his fellow Lady Head Vase enthusiast and antique shop owner, Gloria Glass, would ever fathom Clive’s next “artistic” endeavor. Featuring many newcomers to the film industry as well as seasoned filmmakers, Clive Unger’s Madame X merges art and film together in a truly haunting and mesmerizing way.

Brian DeCicco was born in Colonia, NJ in 1979. In 2001, he graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University with a BFA in Sculpture. While working on a video project, Brian discovered his love for film and began making art films. Upon graduation, Brian DeCicco attended New York Film Academy where his love of film solidified.


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