>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections


Helenas Flushing 2United States / Short Film Competition /
28 minutes / English

Director:  Dae Hoon Kim

Helena, a screenwriter who screams a lot, gets into tiffs and shouting matches with her classmates, teammates, best friends, homeless people and most often with Max, a chauvinistic foreigner in her class who brashly challenges her story in her own home of Flushing, NY.

Dae Hoon Kim is a New York filmmaker who has written and directed multiple short films, and a no-budget mini-feature, BROTHERS (2011) — a guerilla style, urban-stoner comedy. In 2012 he shot footage for web documentary, working title LAR20, about young people inspired from the 1992 LA Riots to create art, and is in post production. HELENA’S FLUSHING (2013) is his most recent short film. He is currently finishing development on his proper feature debut, targeted to shoot later this year and working title WE ARE RAGGA ZOOMBIEZ!, a dark dramedy/musical about long-lost cousins starting a doomed reggae band.  Dae Hoon got his MFA in film production from Tisch NYU, JD from Georgetown and Econ BA from Pomona College. He is also the founder of the Korean American Film Festival New York.


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