>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections

King TigemoreUnited States / Animated Short /
3 minutes / English
Director:  Tunde Reid-Kapo

It all begins one beautiful summer’s day in Strawberry Fields, when eight-year-old Kimi, the American boy prodigy, falls asleep during a chess match in Central Park, and imagines that the white king has transformed into King Tigermore, the friend he meets in the Yamie Chess School Assistant, when he travels to the Mind Kingdom, the magical space that can only be reached by going to sleep under general anesthetic in a hospital operation.  Tigermore takes his hand, and together the magical duo take to the skies, flying out of NYC, soaring high through the swirling mists above the Atlantic Ocean, when it starts raining math symbols from the enchanting midnight sky.

Tunde Reid-Kapo is the president of Yamie Chess Ltd, a K-8 educational learning company for STEM education, focused on supporting children’s learning. Yamie Chess’s mission is to help children reach their full potential in school mathematics, logic and science education.  All Yamie Chess™ products use 100% U.S. labor, 100% U.S. craftsmanship and American materials that are 98% sourced from heartland America.


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