>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections

Leke 2Turkey / Short Film Competition /
14 minutes / Turkish w/Subtitles
Director:  Nafi Ayvacı
Producer:  Selman Yücebıyık

A young woman tries to fill the void in her married life by cleaning, but her newly developed obsession leads the relationship to an even messier level. She alone takes on the mission of ‘cleaning’ what may already be the perfect marriage with a caring, handsome and rich husband with inheritance. While trying to keep her obsession a secret, the woman plays tricks and spurts out innocent lies to her husband in order to keep him away. But as her cleaning problem worsens, the man starts to notice her wife’s ruse.

OFFICIAL SELECTION, International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Receiving his BA degree on film studies from the Ohio State University in 2009, Nafi Ayvaci focused on “International Screenwriting” with lectures and instruction by ex-Disney writer Andy Rose. After 2 years of TV production experience in New York City, Ayvaci finalized his first short film, “Leke”, in Istanbul, 2012.


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