>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections


qwertyUnited States / Feature Film /
91 minutes / English

Director:  Bill Sebastian
Producer:  Nat Dykeman

QWERTY tells the story of two lonely humans trying to figure out how to experience love.  Before introverted word-nerd Zoe gains the courage to enter the National Scrabble Championship, she meets her emotional match in Marty, an irascible recluse. She finds him equally pitted against the opposing forces in her life – other people – including family, co-workers and a couple particularly irksome adversaries standing in the way of her dream to become the world’s 2nd female National Scrabble Champion.

BEST DRAMA, BEST OF FEST, 2013 Trail Dance Film Festival — BEST FILM MUSIC, HONORABLE MENTION, Nashville Film Festival — BEST FEATURE, East Lansing Film Festival – Lake Michigan Film Competition — 2ND PLACE COMEDY, Secret City Film Festival

Bill Sebastian directed and starred in his first feature film about an unemployed ninja when he was 19. He is much older now and less nimble. In 2007 he helmed the feature film “Midlothia,” which was critically acclaimed on the independent film festival circuit. Last year he directed 4 episodes of “Dwelling” a web-series created by Anthony Q. Farrell, writer for “The Office”, and just wrapped a lead acting role in “The Black Sea”, an independent film shot in Oregon. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and child.


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