>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections

recession whores 2United States / Short Film Competition /
24 minutes / English
Director:  Guil Parreiras
Producer:  Chris Sciacco & Daniel Florio

Recession Whores is a comedy series about two friends who lose their jobs due to the bad economy.  Broke and desperate, the two friends do the only logical thing they can come up with: become gigolos through the Internet!  Being a gigolo isn’t the dream job they had imagined as things go from bad to worse in a series of rendezvous ranging from “naughty” fantasies to the downright bizarre.

Guil Guerra Parreiras is a writer/director with a BFA in Film Studies from Columbia University and he studied acting at Weist-Baron and at the Terry Schreiber Studio.  He is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at City College.  In 2012, he was a semi-finalist in the LA Screenplay Competition for his feature The Wall Street Killer and he also won The Stark Award in Drama in Memory of Ross Alexander for his stage play Shoplifters.  As a theatre director, Guil has directed various plays including Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard, Art as an Excuse to Drink and Screw by Craig McNulty and his own Redemption of a Dreammaker.

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