THE NOWHERE ROOM (Based On My Mother’s True Story)

>> 2013 Winter Film Awards Official Selections

Nowhere RoomUnited States / Short Film /
14 minutes / English
Director:  Alessandro Mini
Producer:  Alessandro Mini, Solomon Chertok, Laki Latinka Igrutinovich

A mother wakes up naked in a strange dark room that looks like a miniature of a Gothic Catholic Cathedral. The walls are painted with horrific images of eyes, crosses, pieces of human bodies. At her left a pillar with an old film projector, in front of her a black door with a old elementary desk in front, at her left a toilet with a speaker and behind a big door. She doesn’t remember how she arrived there nor why. Her last memory is of walking in a city street arguing with her 10 year old son. Now she is trapped and her son is missing!

BEST LEADING ACTRESS, 2013 Long Island’s Macabre Faire Film Fest

Alessandro Mini was born in Rimini, Italy. His passion for art and storytelling started when he was young.  He become a lawyer but quit soon to become a businessman. He started his first company at 24 with the goal to become wealthy enough to finance his own artistic projects and achieved this after a few years of hard work. He left in 2010 to attend the NY Film Academy, where he started to shoot his first movies. Upon graduation, he returned to Italy to close out his companies and returned to the USA to dedicate himself to filmmaking.


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