Florence_Filmplakat_A2_412012.inddGermany / Short Film /
15 minutes / German w/Subtitles
Director:  Gunda Aurich
Producer:  Florence Matousek, Jörg Zuch, Gunda Aurich

A fairytale-like unpredictable story about jealousy and trust.  It was supposed to be a nice weekend in the countryside. But when an argument breaks out between Laura and her boyfriend Hans, she’s brought to question their getaway. Her doubts are made stronger when she meets a stranger in the forest. Who tells the truth? What is beneath the appearances? Who can she trust?

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, Oregon Independent Film Festival 2012

Gunda Aurich was born in Sangershausen, Germany. She studied Acting at the well-regarded Hochschule Ernst Busch in Berlin. After a very succesful acting career including the Schiller Theatre Berlin, she studied Scriptwriting at the Scriptwriting School of Berlin and TV Akademy Master School Berlin. She started to direct Theatre in various Theatres in and around Berlin and Gera and won the scriptwriting contest of the talent class of one of the biggest TV broadcasting companies in Germany (Sat1). I spy with my little eye is Gundas first Film.

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