Tips for Challengers!

WFA 2013 48-Hrs headerQuestions while taking part in the Challenge?  Please contact us via email at

You DO NOT have to come into our offices to turn in your film.   Instead, you must submit your completed film via Dropbox.  We will email you an invitation to our DROPBOX account some time on Saturday.   You must complete the upload of your film within 48 Hours of your SIGN IN time.

  • Completed films should be in one of the following formats:  MP4, MOV, AVI, WMA, MKV
  • Films must include the WFA Watermark, which can be found at and
  • All Production Work must be performed between Dec 6 2013 at 8pm and Dec 8 2013 at 8pm
  • Film must be between 2 and 7 minutes long (plus credits)
  • Film must follow the standards for a PG-13 rating
  • Film may not be posted on YouTube, Vimeo or other public site until after the Screening on Dec 14
  • Film must include the required tagline and prop.
  • Film must be the assigned genre
  • Film must begin with 5 seconds of black, then a title card with: team name, title, genre, followed by “Created for The Winter Film Awards 48-Hour Film Challenge 2013 –
  • Final credits may be no more than 30 seconds long
  • Film end credits must include: “Created for The Winter Film Awards 48-Hour Film Challenge 2013 –
  • All of your Cast and Crew must sign Release Forms.  It is your responsibility to ensure signature and hold onto the forms.   You must also procure waivers for all Artwork, Music and Locations that appear in your Film.   This Packet includes copies of these Forms – make additional copies as needed.  You can also print them from our Website.
  • You must also fill in the online TEAM INFORMATION form with complete lists of all team members and indication that your film has met all rules and procured all waivers.
  • The 48-Hour Clock starts when you Sign In to the Challenge.  Your completed film and Team Information must be uploaded to our DropBox site within 48 hours after the Sign In time listed above.

Winter Film Awards will post all completed films that meet challenge requirements to our YouTube Channel.  Links will be posted on our website and FB and sent to all Team Leaders by 9am on Dec 9.


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