2015 WFA Indie Film Festival Screening Schedule #WFA2015

WFA 2015 Logo 4x3The Fourth Annual Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival kicks off Wednesday, February 25 2016 with a Filmmaker’s Reception & Kick-Off party. The weekend festival consists of three days of film screenings, discussion panels and industry networking after-parties culminating in an awards show to be held on February 28 at 230 Fifth.

Screenings will be held in the heart of the theater district at Blue Diamond Theater 777, located at 777 8th Avenue, all day Thursday February 26 – Saturday February 28.

See the Official Selections


Eventbrite - 2015 Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival

12pm – 3:15pm 4pm – 7:15pm 8pm – 11:30pm
Uterus-Man (Animated)

Timothy (Horror)

Institutionalised (Horror)

Une Balade a la Mer (A Ride toward the Sea) (Animated)

Curse Of An Addict-Zanzibar (Documentary)

Leben! (Touching Life!) (Short)

Lothar (Short)

Rupture (Short)

– intermission –

Shipwrecked (Music Video)

Online (Short)

Generation `89 – Growing Up in the Year of Change (Documentary Feature)

Poppy (Animated)

Smastirni (Just Like You) (Short)

The Magic Bracelet (Short)

The Man From The City (Short)

A Spring Has Passed By (Short)

Omul (Human) (Short)

The Secret Life of Balloons (Short)

Sweet Sixteen (Horror)

– intermission –

How It Feels (Music Video)

Out of Love (Short)

Something You Can Call Home (Documentary Feature)

Milkyboy (Animated)

Sake-Bomb (Feature)

– intermission –

Gimme Little Sign (Music Video)

Paradiddle (Short)

Three Holes And A Smoking Gun (Feature)

12pm – 3:15pm 4pm – 7:15pm 8pm – 11:30pm
The Belief (Animated)

Zugzwang (Short)

Carry On (Short)

Gartenfiend (Garden Fiend) (Short)

H.O.P.E. Was Here (Documentary)

– intermission –

Spoilia Oceani (Music Video)

The Visit (Short)

Greece (Short)

Innenkind (Feature)

The Hopper (Animated)

Cynthia (Horror)

Schlusspunkt (Point of No Return) (Short)

Love Out of Mind (Short)

The Man Who Fed His Shadow (Short)

– intermission –

Legacy (Music Video)

Love City, Jalalabad (Documentary Feature)

Stay after the film for a discussion with the artists of Love City Jalalabad!

Papa (Animated)

Happy Hour (Short)

Sacrificial Youth (Feature)

– intermission –

No Skywatching Tonight (Music Video)

Fly on Out (Short)

The Redwood Massacre (Horror Feature)

10am – 1pm  1:30pm – 4:30pm  5pm – 8pm
Endtrip (Animated)

Spoke For (48-Hour Film)

Liber de Morte (48-Hour Film)

Blood Drops of Love (48-Hour Film)

My Little Nut (48-Hour Film)

Tokyo Halloween Night (Horror)

Maniac (Short)

Use Me Up (Short)

– intermission –

Hands on Me (Music Video)

I Wish We Were Dancers (Short)

Aleqini (Music Video)

Stuck for a Reason (Short)

It’s My Beak (Music Video)

P.S. I Can’t Breathe (Documentary)

The Jelly Wrestler (Horror)

Grafters (Short)

Metube: August Sings Carmen Habanera (Music Video)

Hypebeasts (Short)

My Gaadi And I (My Car And I) (Documentary)

– intermission –

Lion Kingdom (Short)

Farah Goes Bang (Feature)

The Star Fishing Boy (Animated)

Tschuss Papa (Goodbye Papa) (Short)

Pull Over To Kill (Short)

Nesting Grounds (Short)

– intermission –

Silver Screen by Morebarn (Music Video)

Assumption of Risk (Feature)


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