Race for the checkered flag with #WFA48 and Pole Position Raceway! 48-Hour Film Challenge, June 3-5

pole position racewayWhat can YOU do in just 48 hours?

Experience the exhilaration of indoor electric go kart racing at Pole Position Raceway! Winter Film Awards and Pole Position Raceway continue our partnership for our upcoming 48-Hour Film Challenge! Our Best Picture and Fan Favorite teams each win a day of races and will take part in real head-to-head racing in the fastest-growing sport in the United States.

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About the Challenge

WINTER FILM AWARDS challenges the local NYC community to create a 4-7 minute short film in a specified genre, tagline and prop in just a single gonzo weekend! Thirty teams of the most creative people in the tri-state area have just 48 sleepless hours to decide what they are going to do, write a screenplay, assemble props, costumes and actors, rehearse, shoot, score and edit their film. Students, amateurs, and seasoned industry veterans alike learn the importance of caffeine, team work and time management in successful filmmaking.

For challenge rules, prizes, registration details, participating sponsors and more information about the Winter Film Awards, please visit

About Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway
Experience real head-to-head racing at Pole Position Raceway and discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Think this is kids play? Well, think again! Pole Position’s high-performance European karts are capable of 45 mph, and that’s fast when you are sitting just one inch off the ground trying to navigate a 1/4-mile course!

“Indoor karting is probably the closest thing that most people will ever come to real racing,” said three-time land speed record holder Ken Faught, the company’s co-founder. Pole Position Raceway was built for racers, by racers, and 2004 NASCAR Champ Kurt Busch and 7-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath are among those who helped create this ultimate racing experience.

The go karts used at Pole Position Raceway feature the latest state-of-the-art technology. Simply put, they are the best indoor go karts in the world, and offer the best performance, produce no smelly fumes, and allow for the most-consistent fleet of karts in the United States. The end result at Pole Position Raceway is an adrenaline-filled ride and the ultimate racing experience.

Indoor karting combines the thrill of regular racing with the comfort of climate control. Up to a dozen drivers race on a course at one time, and racers either compete for the single-fastest lap time or in head-to-head action. Pole Position Raceway offers a wide variety of race formats and the typical race lasts about 10 minutes. Pole Position Raceway also offer group event packages that come in two- and three-race formats such as the Pole Position Challenge, Grand Prix and the infamous four-race Super Pole.

WFA logo burr 181x60WINTER FILM AWARDS mission is to recognize excellence and diversity in cinema and to promote learning and expression for all artists at all stages of their careers. We celebrate the cultural mixture that is New York City, showcasing emerging filmmakers from every age, ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, political and geographic perspective. The 48-Hour Challenge format gives filmmakers a chance to work closely with a team and to intensely focus while just going out and doing it!


About Winter Film Awards

Winter Film Awards (WFA) is a volunteer-run and operated celebration of the diversity of local and international film-making. Our Mission is to recognize excellence in cinema and to promote learning and artistic expression for people at all stages of their artistic careers with a focus on nurturing emerging filmmakers and helping them gain recognition and contacts to break into this difficult industry. We pride ourselves on our diverse collection of Festival selections, allowing our audience to enjoy films they normally wouldn’t think to seek out. WFA is a minority- and women-owned registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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