Candy Apple


Candy Apple February 19 9:30-11:30PM
Director Dean Dempsey
Producer Samantha Santos
Website Facebook
Feature Film Competition
United States 80 Mins
2015 English

Using the director’s biological father and true stories strung together in a fictional narrative, Candy Apple follows Texas Trash as he struggles to get sober while his son Bobby attempts to launch a career in filmmaking. Meanwhile Trash has all but abandoned landing a job or reigniting his band as planned, and has fallen at the heels of local eccentric, Roxy. With the help of hallucinogens, the two embark on regular adventures through New York and other worlds. When Bobby hears of Trash’s relapse and near fatal overdose, his confidence and belief in his father is broken. As the cast’s relationships weaken, Candy Apple ends where it begins, with the father and son struggling to balance desire with reality but never getting it right.

Talking Trash With Dean Dempsey, Director of Candy Apple

About The Director
Dean Dempsey Dean Dempsey is an artist, writer and filmmaker based in New York City. With a history geared more toward conceptual and experimental video, Candy Apple marks Dean’s first narrative feature film. In addition to video, Dean is also prolific in photography, painting and mixed media installation with a focus on dual opposites and intersections between intimacy and what is public. He is represented by Georges Berges Gallery in New York and Beijing, China.

About Winter Film Awards

Winter Film Awards (WFA) is a volunteer-run and operated celebration of the diversity of local and international film-making. Our Mission is to recognize excellence in cinema and to promote learning and artistic expression for people at all stages of their artistic careers with a focus on nurturing emerging filmmakers and helping them gain recognition and contacts to break into this difficult industry. We pride ourselves on our diverse collection of Festival selections, allowing our audience to enjoy films they normally wouldn’t think to seek out. WFA is a minority- and women-owned registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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