Love City, Jalalabad

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Documentary film from Norway and Australia, 98 minutes
English and Pashto with English subtitles


Stay after the film for a discussion with the team!

Screens Friday, February 27, 2015
Screening Block 2: 4pm-7:15pm

Directed by George Gittoes
Produced by Torstein Grude, George Gittoes
Website http:/

Notorious Action Artist/Filmmaker George Gittoes and his girlfriend Singer/Performance Artist Hellen Rose team up with a local group of struggling actors to collectively declare LOVE and ART on Jalalabad, one of the most dangerous places on earth. They set up an artist-run space as a center for freedom of expression, right next door to where Bin Laden plotted the attacks of September 11th. This daringly wild ‘High Prankster-style Super Doc’ becomes deadly serious as George and his team act beyond killing with bombs and bullets and use art and music to sooth the savage beast of extremism. Gittoes takes the whole Tent Cinema Circus up the rocky road to Tora Bora in an old blue Russian-built truck. With the monkey, ‘Dali’ he stuns the villagers with balloons and fun and children squealing with delight. Gittoes defies the Taliban who can only look on as the children are left spellbound. Amir Shah Talash marries for love, the 19 year old Neha Ali Kahn becomes the first Pashtun woman to make a film, Arshad Kahn the 3ft ‘petit’ comic genius, makes his international debut. Gittoes goes right into the heart of darkness and finds gold!

About the Director

Gittoes is a famous artist and filmmaker who has created some of the most groundbreaking and innovative documentaries in the world. He worked alongside Marie Guevara in Nicaragua in ‘Bullets of The Poets‘ and traveled to Iraq to make ‘Sound Track to War‘ and ‘Rampage‘. ‘Miscreants of Taliwood‘ saw his first meeting with extreme Islam in Pakistan. He is currently in Afghanistan finishing his latest film ‘Snow Monkey‘ in which Gittoes goes deep into the world of the street gangs of Jalalabad.


2014 Fox Australia Sydney Film Festival – Nominated for Best Documentary

Risking his life in Afghanistan – in the name of art: The only Western couple living in Jalalabad are inspiring locals by helping them become filmmakersThe Daily Mail

Conflict and brutality have formed the work of Australian artist George Gittoes, who this year is the recipient of the Sydney Peace Prize.The Age


About Winter Film Awards

Winter Film Awards (WFA) is a volunteer-run and operated celebration of the diversity of local and international film-making. Our Mission is to recognize excellence in cinema and to promote learning and artistic expression for people at all stages of their artistic careers with a focus on nurturing emerging filmmakers and helping them gain recognition and contacts to break into this difficult industry. We pride ourselves on our diverse collection of Festival selections, allowing our audience to enjoy films they normally wouldn’t think to seek out. WFA is a minority- and women-owned registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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