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boy whod never seen rain 2Australia / Short Film /
28 minutes / English

Director: Kim Ramsay
Producer: Kim Ramsay

The Boy Who’d Never Seen Rain is a strongly-observed portrait of a family facing the challenges of the Australian Outback. Years of drought and hard luck have taken their toll on the Cobblin family. Patriarch Neil views everything, everyone and any attempt to help with wounded pride and suspicion, while his wife, Rita, tries to keep up a brave face. Meanwhile, their son Danny is almost lost in the shuffle. When they face the tragedy of losing their farm, their lives begin to fragment.

AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE, BEST SCREENPLAY, BEST ACTOR, BEST ACTRESS, 2012 Los Angeles Movie Awards — AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE, 2012 Accolade Competition — BEST IN SHOW, 2012 New York City Filmmaker’s Festival

Kim Ramsay is a Visionary Filmmaker from Sydney, Australia. In the past 10 years Kim has written and directed 7 short films which have screened at over 50 festivals around the world including ‘Survival of The Fittest’ a mockumentary about penguin prostitution and ‘Prudence Pecker’ a cruel romantic comedy, winning 11 awards and ‘The Boy Who’d Never Seen Rain’. It is her ultimate aspiration in life to create films to inspire, move, uplift, provoke, challenge, heal and transform humanity.


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