Volunteer Now!

Thank for you for your interest in working with the Winter Film Awards!  In addition to our yearly festival, we host 4-6 events per year, including screenings, parties, discussion panels and a 48-Hour Film Challenge.

We need talented, excited and extremely creative people to help us make our events happen.  From running box office, to video interning, grant writing, event production, we need your help!  We are eager to give you a shot at any task you’d like to work on, and are delighted to help build your resume and experience.

The WFA Team meets each Wednesday night from 7-10pm at 31 West 34th Street, New York NY 10001

Please tell us about yourself. We will contact you shortly!

What sort of tasks are you interested in?

What sorts of things would you like to do? What is your interest in Film and Festivals? Anything else interesting you’d like us to know?

Thank you for your interest! Please keep a look out in your email for a response from

  1. Plz sir ek chanch dijiye plz serial yato film may plz sir iam mazhar mera dil ka tamanna plz sir

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