Agnus Dei

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Narrative Feature From Kosovo
in Albanian and Serbian with subtitles

Length: 110 minutes
Screens:  Thursday, February 27: Block 1

Directed By:  Agim Sopi
Produced By:  Agim Sopi, Milazim salihu

I was born from the ones that I shouldn’t, I lived with those that I mustn’t, and I killed the one that I shouldn’t. Peter is a young man living a desperate life with his mother and her husband in a village in Serbia. Peter does not know he was born of the forbidden love between his mother and an Albanian man, separated because of the hatred among between the Serbs and the Albanians. His mother forces him to go off to war, but he dreams of escape to the West despite being mobilized by his paramilitary unit to the front. After a violent revenge killing and facing trial at The Huage, he is overwhelmed with depair and deserts the army. He escapes to the mountains with a local girl, where they are pursued by both the warring Serbians and Albanians. Peter brings his new love home and discovers the secret that destroys his life. Peter must find this way to redemption, but can he save himself, or even be saved at all?

Agnus Dei was directed by Agim Sopi from Prishtina Kosovo. He attended the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and graduated from the Academy of Arts. He is the professor of Film Theory in Faculty of Arts at Prishtina University in Kosovo. Besides films, Agim Sopi a successful theatrical director who has performed at the National Theatre and other professional theaters throughout Kosovo.

Awards Won
2012 Prishtina International Film Festival, Prishtina – Audience Award
2013 The Prestige Film Festival , Eureka – Gold Prestige Award
2013 Cannes van d’Or, European Film Festival, London – Best Feature Film
2013 Ionian International Film Festival, Lefkas – Best Feature Film
2013 London Crystal Palace International Film Festival – Best film in Festival
2013 London Film Awards 2013, London, UK – Best Foreign Film
2013 California Film Awards 2013, San Diego – Special Jury Prize


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