As Time Goes By

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as time goes by48-Hour Challenge Winner from United States

Length: 7 minutes
Screens: Saturday, March 1: Block 1
Directed By: Eliza Lagonia
Produced By: Salvatore Lagonia

2nd Annual Winter Film Awards 48-Hour Challenge Fan Favorite. Samantha, a young professional woman who is consumed by a magical date she had walked out on some time in the past, steps onto what she believes is just another public bus. While she dreams of her encounter with Danni, a lovely and charming young woman with whom she felt an instant romantic connection, she is confronted by the only other bus patron, a mysterious man dressed in a strange anachronistic style, who is able to convince her to tell him her story. After recounting the highlights of the date, Samantha is brought to tears by her regret, until the mysterious man offers her a chance to set it right. Transported back to the end of the night, Samantha needs to find the right three words to get a second chance with her soulmate.

Eliza Lagonia is a New York-based director who was trained in Oxford. As a child she had dreamed of becoming a doctor, until she realized the only type of science she was interested in came with the word “fiction” attached to it. She discovered a love of theater, especially Shakespeare, and soon relocated to England to learn the art of film-making, attempting to break into the male-dominated screen direction industry.


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