Behind Closed Doors

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Behind Closed Doors

Narrative Feature From United States
in English

Length: 91 minutes
Screens: Saturday, March 1: Block 3

Directed By: Nicolas Sicurella
Produced By: Guy Sicurella, Linda Sicurella, Nicolas Sicurella

Behind Closed Doors follows three main storylines that are interwoven into a complex web of mystery and truth which takes place in a small, quiet Long Island town.

Tiffany and John’s college relationship seems to be going well until John seeks a definitive answer on where they stand to each other.  They are put to the test when John discovers Tiffany’s obscure perspective about love.

Larry, an elderly man suffering from Alzeihmer’s, lives a simple life with his daughter Natalie.  Devoting her life to taking care of her father and fighting for their financial survival, Natalie takes a toll living day to day.

Paul, an elementary school principal, has gained respect not only from his place of work but at home for being a loving family man and providing a comfortable life for his wife and daughter.

These seemingly unrelated stories collide when one horrifying event sends their lives into a whirlwind of chaos.

Nicolas Sicurella grew up in Nassau County, Long Island and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan with a BFA in film.  During school he created several shorts and one feature that explored metaphysical and psychological themes.  He sees his films from beginning to end, from pre to post production, which has given him the versatility to execute his visions with precision and accuracy.


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