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belehShort Film from Camaroon
in Pidgen with subtitles

Length: 26 minutes
Screens: Friday, February 28: Block 1
Directed By: Christa Eka Ntchoumbane Assam
Produced By: Christa Eka Ntchoumbane Assam

The difficulty Joffi faces in her first pregnancy is made worse by the petulant and selfish demands of her irate and uncompromising husband, Ekema. Things come to a head when Ekema wakes up one morning to a world very different from the one he went to sleep in.

Christa Eka Assam is a Cameroonian filmmaker who started her filmmaking career as an actress in 2006. After a couple of years as an actress, she made her first six-minute short film, Doormat, which was selected into the Durban Talent Campus in 2012, an opportunity which gave her a much-needed insight to the international world if filmmaking. Beleh is her second short film.

Awards Won
2013 ZAFAA Awards, London – Best Short Film
2013 Africa International Film Festival, Calabar – Special Jury Mention


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