Belgian Psycho

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Belgian PsychoHorror Short from Belgium
in French and Japanese with subtitles

Length: 9 minutes
Screens: Thursday, February 27: Block 2
Directed By: Katia Olivier
Produced By: Katia Olivier, Frédéric Godart, Uncut Films

Today is Emily’s birthday. And how does a serial killer celebrate it? By killing… a little bit more than usual. Beware of the sexiest, geekiest, serial killer of Belgium!

Katia Olivier is a writer, director and produce from Belgium. After watching The Exorcist at the age of 10, she became interested in the fantasy genre. Horror, Thriller, Sci-fi, fantasy — she is an absolute geek. She previously directed a sci-fi/comedy short film Virtual Dating, which was a success in festivals around the world, and won 4 awards, including a silver Mélies.

Awards Won
2013 Collectifff, Brussels – Most Seen Short Film
2013 Fantaspoa – Jury Award Best Short Film
2013 Fantaspoa – Audience Award for Best International Short Movie
2013 Lady filmmakers Film Festival, Beverly Hills – Best Short Film in Halloween Category


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