Computer Potato

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Computer PotatoShort Film from Canada

Length: 13 minutes
Screens: Saturday, March 1: Block 3
Directed By: Todd Kipp
Produced By: Todd Kipp, Marc Vandergraaf

In this short dramatic comedy, voluntarily housebound Charles Benzinger works from home until a message comes from the office requesting that Charles actually start working, “at the office.” There’s only one problem. Unaccustomed to interacting face to face with anyone, Charles has an overwhelming desire to touch everyone he sees, otherwise suffering severe migraines. The doctor insists this condition doesn’t exist, but Charles soon faces an opposite condition, his inability to touch a passenger on the bus. Computer Potato is a modern story about one man’s struggle to move away from the wired world he lives in. Starring Alessandro Miro, Natalie Moon and Michael Villar.

Computer Potato marks Todd Kipp’s fourth short film, with a fifth, Consolation Prize, currently in post-production. He mixes it up between drama, comedy and dramatic comedy. Up next is a feature documentary, Some Other Guys, about the early 1960s music scene in Liverpool and Hamburg, as well as another short comedy, Hug-O-Gram set to shoot later in the summer. Ultimately, features are the destination, but the journey is what makes you feel alive!


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