Guarding Aurora: A Love Story With Ninjas

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Guarding Aurora

Short Film From Australia

Length: 24 minutes
Screens: Saturday, March 1: Block 3

Directed By: David Fairhurst
Produced By: David Fairhurst

From his dingy basement apartment, wannabe hero Alec is running a rescue operation he is neither equipped for or truly understands. Aurora, a friendly but lonely girl who works at the local bookstore is under attack by an army of vengeful ninjas. Aurora has no knowledge of the ninjas or that Alec has appointed himself as her secret guardian. Alec believes that the only way to keep her safe and happy is to stay distant as he fends of the deadly (if incompetent) threat. Growing closer by chance, Alec finds himself falling for Aurora as his well-laid plans begin to fall apart. As the ninjas close in and a number of potentially lethal secrets bubble to the surface, Alec and Aurora must learn to love each other despite their baggage. Even if that baggage happens to be an army of deadly ninjas.

David Fairhurst is an award-winning independent filmmaker based out of Sydney, Australia. David has been making films since he was 8, shooting spy thrillers and sci-fi epics in his backyard with a group of very loyal and patient friends. The budgets have gotten bigger and the films more ambitious but aside from that, very little has changed. David’s films are typically genre-blending and rule defying, mixing the worlds of the spectacular and the mundane with a strong focus on character.

Awards Won
International Film School Sydney: 2013 Student Screening Night – Audience Choice Award


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