Hats in the Air

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Hats in the AirMusic Video from United States

Length: 9 minutes
Screens: Saturday, March 1: Block 3
Directed By: Drue Pennella And Edwin Adlam Herod
Produced By: Pure Motion Pictures And Teddy Watson

This music video for Stargroves and their song “Hats in the Air” pays homage to that great 70’s cult classic Harold and Maude written by Colin Higgins and directed by Hal Ashby. Here we find Stargroves’s lead singer Teddy Watson as the son (played in the original film by Bud Cort) committing fake suicides for the “benefit” of his mother, played by actress Erika Amato (played in original the film by Vivian Pickles). In one scene we gain insight into the moment that led to his unique methods of attention seeking. Unsatisfied with the results he eventually realizes he cannot stay this course but must leave his protected world of privilege. Modifying an expensive “toy” he ventures down off the mountain into the world below leaving his unique mark there to grow.

Drue Pennella spent most his life as an musical theater actor before jumping behind the camera. Edwin Adlam Herod began his career in photography eleven years ago, eventually progressing into cinematography. The two met 3 years ago and formed Pure Motion Pictures, located just outside of Manhattan in Hoboken, NJ. They work side by side shooting Feature Films, Commercials and Music Videos.

Awards Won
2014 Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival – Audience Choice Award


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