Masheenee Alcketiara

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masheene alkhetiara


Music Video from Kuwait
in Arabic with subtitles

Length: 5 minutes
Screens: Thursday, February 27: Block 1

Directed By: Ema Shah
Produced By: Ema Shah

A traditional Kuwaiti girl seeks life beyond her society, to achieve her ambitions and dreams in the modern era, to sing, to dance, and to flourish. We don’t know for sure if it’s a dream or reality.

Kuwaiti-born Ema Shah is an actress, musician, guitarist, pianist, composer, singer-songwriter, a modernist, anthropologist in the Arts. She is also a marionettist, puppeteer, dancer, choreographer, screenwriter and theatrical producer. She has attracted attention through her women’s rights activism, humanitarianism, radical and often controversial points of view, and her general eccentricity and unorthodoxy. Ema has performed as a singer, pianist, guitarist, composer and actress at various local and international events.

Awards Won
2013 Best Shorts Competition, Avant-Garde Worldwide Competition
– Award of Excellence: Concept
– Award of Excellence: Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
– Award of Merit: Music Video
– Award of Merit: Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
– Award of Merit: Art Direction
2013 Back in the Box Competition – Finalist Best Short Film

In the Press
Annlahar Kuwait Newspaper
Alrai Kuwaiti Newspaper
Alayam Bahranian Newspaper
Kuwait News


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