Back to list of Official Selections of the 2014 Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival

MescalitoShort Film from United States

Length:  21 minutes
Screens:  Saturday, March 1: Block 1
Directed By:  Anita A Clay
Produced By:  John Thomas, Anita Clay

Inspired by the book, The Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Casteneda;  Mescalito is a modern day story including the concept of dropping the drug Peyote and the spiritual repercussions that come from using a spiritual tool as a recreational drug.  Five friends go upstate to a beautiful cabin next to a lake to unwind and take drugs.  Unbeknownst to them, their drug of choice also has a powerful spirit attached that is temperamental to how the drug is used and why.   Mescalito is a film about what if, and the overall message is have respect for the metaphysical because there are still things out there beyond our understanding.

Anita Clay has always wanted to learn the art of film making. Being an actress, she has been on film sets for a few years and noticed that the director role was a place she’d like to try.  Thus, her first film, Mescalito was created.  She independently studied film making and was very glad to be mentored by Frank Calo.


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