No Vans Land

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No Vans LandDocumentary Short from the United States

Length:  21 minutes
Screens:  Friday, February 28: Block 3
Directed By:  Sean W. Malone
Produced By:  Sean W. Malone

HECTOR RICKETTS came to America from Jamaica, looking for opportunity and an education. When he was laid off from a promising job in health care in the early 1980s, Hector decided to pursue a new career and opened a small commuter van service in Queens, New York instead of joining an unemployment line. Today, Hector and the other van owners and drivers have built a thriving industry that serves as many as 60,000 people a day in the outer boroughs of New York City. Their vans provide riders with a safer, more comfortable and far more affordable means of transportation in areas that have been neglected by the mass transit system. Yet for over 20 years, Hector has had to struggle against the attempts of government and powerful special interests to restrict his industry and put the “Dollar Vans” out of business. No Van’s Land is Hector’s story.

After earning an MA in Scoring for Film & Multimedia at NYU in 2007, Sean W. Malone worked in New York and Los Angeles as an assistant music supervisor, music manager, music editor, and composer until 2010, when he returned to video production with the explicit goal of raising the standard of media supporting entrepreneurship and individual rights. Sean is owner of CitizenA Media and creative media producer with a non-profit organization in Washington, DC which supports


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