Roadside Entrepreneurs (Roadside Ambanis)

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Short Film from India
in Tamil with subtitles

Length:19 minutes
Screens: Thursday, February 27: Block 2

Directed By: Kamal Sethu
Produced By: Kamal Sethu

‘A life below the poverty line — A dream beyond the poverty line.’ Roadside Ambanis (Roadside Entrepreneurs) is the story of Kanna, who comes from a sordid home. The family has the proverbial drunkard as its head, a constantly wailing mom and a baby. Kanna is pulled out of school and sent to work to support his family. Life may deal him several blows even at his young age, but Kanna refuses to be broken down, and has big dreams. He aims to start a business of his own, and he does, after meeting quite a few challenges! Without skirting issues, the film touches upon child labor, the agony of the have-nots and the aspirations that refuse to be subdued by life’s trials.

Kamal Sethu is an Advertising Art Director and Film Director from India. He started his career in Ad agencies and has worked in Bates, Mudra & Percept Hakuodo as an Art Director. Currently he is working in feature film projects. Roadside Ambanis is Kamal Sethu’s directorial debut.

Awards Won
2012 Tamil Film Festival, Norway – Best Short Film Award


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