Son of Man

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Short Film from United States/em>

Length: 14 minutes
Screens: Thursday, February 27: Block 1

Directed By: Janek Ambros
Produced By: Janek Ambros, Richie Heller

An Allied medic, rumored to be Jesus Christ, gets into a philosophical debate with a Catholic-Nazi in Ustasha occupied Croatia during World War II.

Janek Ambros is an award-winning director, producer, and writer who received his undergraduate degree in Economics at Siena College. After graduating, Janek worked at Morgan Stanley and Trans World Entertainment before eventually pursing his passion in filmmaking by starting Assembly Line Entertainment and obtaining an MFA in Film Producing. His diverse slate of films have played across the globe and received recognition at many BAFTA and Academy Award® accredited festivals.

Awards Won
2013 Philip K Dick Film Festival – Best Drama
2013 Rochester International Film Fest – Honorable Mention
2013 Anthem Film Festival – Excellence in Film
2013 Wild Rose Film Festival – Best Cinematography, Best Lighting Design, Best Score, Best Production Design,Best Sound Design


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