The Carrier

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the carrier48-Hour Challenge Winner from United States

Length: 5 minutes
Screens: Saturday, March 1: Block 1
Directed By: Dwayne Philibert
Produced By: Dwayne Philibert, Lamard J Wingster

2nd Annual Winter Film Awards 48-Hour Challenge Winner – Best Picture. Agent Blake (Jeanna Lue) is a prior Marine top-secret Special Ops intelligence combat training officer, the only female in her field to be placed in this position. After leaving active duty in Iraq due to the death of her friend, she was picked up by an agency known as K.I.P.P. After doing a few small jobs, she is placed in a job that should have been a quick pick-up and drop off. Instead she holds the key to the future of traveling.

Dwayne Philibert is a Marine Veteran. It was not until after he went to the Marines that he learned more about communication through visual arts. Learning Photoshop on his down time was just a small start to where he wanted to go with this idea of communication. With his skills in Advertising which he enhanced by going to school to earn a bachelors degree. He found his way in graphics design, Photography and Media. Doing a short film was just his way to take the next step in his journey.


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