2016 WFA 48-Hour Challenge Team Information

WFA 2016 48-Hour Film Challenge

Challenge Overview About the Challenge Frequently Asked Questions Official Rules Team Information

Thank you for taking part in Winter Film Awards 2016 48-Hour Film Challenge!

Please take lots of photos of your team at work! Earn “Fan Favorite” points by posting them to Twitter and Facebook using the tag #WFA48 and your team name!

Remember, you must turn in your film via WeTransfer to within 48 Hours of your SIGN IN time. Your film must be under 2GB.  If your film is late, we may choose to screen it anyway, but you will not be eligible for prizes.


All of your Cast and Crew must sign Release Forms online. It is your responsibility to ensure signature and submit the forms by your deadline on Sunday night. You must also procure waivers for all Artwork, Music and Locations that appear in your Film.  All waivers must be filled in online – do not print and hand these in!

Team Checklist Cast & Crew Release Location Release Music Release Artwork Release


Before the finished film begins, each film must have:

  • 5 seconds of black
  • The WFA 48-Hour Film Challenge Title Sequence
  • A title card with: your team name, film title, assigned genre
  • 2 seconds of black
  • Your film


Team Checklist
You must fill in the online TEAM CHECKLIST form confirming that your film has met all rules and procured all waivers.


Screening will take place on June 19 2-6pm at The Grayson. All films that meet the rules of the Challenge will be screened. Admission is $5 at the door. “Fan Favorite” ballots will be available for voting, so bring your friends!

Awards will be announced following the screening. Prizes will be awarded for BEST PICTURE, FAN FAVORITE, FIRST RUNNER UP, HONORABLE MENTION and several others.


Social Media makes up a huge part of Fan Favorite voting!  Your total “Favorite” score will be the sum of:

  • YouTube likes on the WFA YouTube page (1 point per “Like” or “Dislike”)
  • Social Media (1 point per posting with WFA and team hashtags, see below)
  • Ballots cast in person at the public screening (25 points per vote)

Social media points can be earned by:

  • 1 point per tweet or Facebook posting using the #WFA48 hashtag, WFA URL ( and your team name (so we know which team to credit!).  All three items must be present!
  • … 1 extra point if your tweet or post includes a photo of your team at work
  • … 5 extra points if your tweet or post includes a video of your team at work
  • … 1 extra point if your photo or video include the Challenge prop
  • ….1 extra point if you include an @mention of a WFA48 sponsor


Questions? Please contact us via email at

  • Completed films should be in one of the following formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, WMA, MKV
  • Completed films must be no greater than 2GB
  • WeTransfer must be successfully completed by your check-in time
  • All Production Work must be performed between June 3-5 2016
  • Film must be between 2 and 7 minutes long (including credits)
  • Film must follow the standards for a PG-13 rating
  • Film may not be posted on YouTube, Vimeo or other public site until after the public Screening
  • Film must include the required tagline and prop.
  • Film must be the assigned genre.
  • Final credits may be no more than 30 seconds long
  • Film end credits must include: “Created for The Winter Film Awards 48-Hour Film Challenge 2016 –”
  • The 48-Hour Clock starts when you Sign In to the Challenge. Your completed film and Team Information must be submitted to us within 48 hours after the Sign In time listed above.
  • Winter Film Awards will post all completed films that meet challenge requirements to our YouTube Channel. Links will be posted on our website and FB and sent to all Team Leaders by 9am on June 6
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